10 ways to increase your efficiency at work

In the workplace, productivity, innovation and efficiency are always key—we all want to build a better mouse trap (and do it before anyone else!). If you’re ready to become a master multi-tasker with laser-like focus, keep scrolling for 10 get-it-done tips that will have you enjoying your corner office in no time.

Delegate like a boss

Asking for help and passing off tasks to increase productivity is crucial. Two primary factors when collaborating with co-workers are communication and trust. Be a team player and know when to call for reinforcements. Make sure you have properly informed co-workers of relevant deadlines in addition to making sure they have all the tools and deliverables necessary to complete work. Few projects ever suffer from over-communication.

Create to-do lists

Prioritise tasks according to time commitment and priority level. Keep tabs on your progress. This not only will give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick off completed tasks throughout the day, but it can also help to assess patterns in productivity. Tracking your efficiency may reveal what times of day you are naturally most productive. Schedule break times during typical lull periods and get cracking when you know you’ll be at your best. Set self-imposed deadlines and stick to them rigorously.

Take breaks

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can wreak havoc on the body. When sedentary, the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL), responsible for breaking down fat in the bloodstream and converting it to energy, drops off significantly, causing fat cells to build. In short, a lack of movement equals a decline in energy. Measure success by how much you are actually accomplishing in a day, regardless of how many hours you spend at your desk. Studies show working in 90-minute intervals may be the most effective pattern. Taking regular breaks is an essential component to maintaining a sound body and mind.


The ubiquity of social media is an easy distraction and major time suck. Even small breaks to check your smart phone can add up in a day’s worth of time. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole. Get off your devices. Power down, go off grid, and stay focused. Only check personal devices on pre-scheduled breaks. Minimise interruptions and ruthlessly edit which meetings you choose to attend.

Catch some Z’s

Establishing a healthy sleep routine is crucial. Fatigue dampens creativity and can marginalize productivity. Give your brain some shelter each night and establish a regular circadian rhythm. Habits such as eating, sleeping, and waking at the same time each day signal the body it’s time to work, play, or rest. Waking up bright-eyed and well-rested will boost your mood and naturally lower stress.

Check yourself

Constantly check in with yourself to assess if what you are doing is productive. To be clear, productivity levels can always be improved. While multitasking is the holy grail of many an office culture, some psychologists advocate that attempting to manage several tasks at once may decrease performance levels. Don’t sweat it if your style is focusing on one task at a time. Find your unique grove and work it.

Snack smart

The brain needs plenty of good fats to function at its peak. Raw almonds and chia seeds provide essential fatty acids that burn fat and keep the mind satiated. Avoid carbohydrates and overly dense foods that will drain you of energy. Switching from coffee to green tea can also give your body a cleaner jolt. In the long run, too much coffee depletes adrenal glands, causing fatigue. Green tea delivers caffeine with a zero-jitter effect and is far easier to digest.


Clarity of thought and a tension-free mind is fertile ground for new ideas and maximum efficiency. Carving out a few minutes each day to simply “be” can boost productivity and focus exponentially. Imagine walking into work in a blissful state rather than hurried, chaotic and stressed. Whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of your day, pick the same time each day for your meditation practice. Training your mind to unwind and reboot takes devotion and consistency.

Get a jump on minor daily decisions

A thousand tiny decisions add up day to day. Get a jump on the day ahead by taking care of menial tasks ahead of time. Select your outfit for work the evening before, prepare your lunch in advance, set the coffee timer. A calm, cool, collected morning will have you arriving to the office with your head squarely in the game.

Research shows that aesthetics can actually increase productivity by up to 15%. How great is that? As human beings, we are largely affected by our environments—the amount of light, abundance of colour, or presence of plants are all elements to consider. Surround yourself with good vibes and free-flowing designs that trigger your brain to stay inspired.

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