Why Should You Choose A Life Coach?

Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few examples of successful people that have had coaching and it’s no surprise that many of them have raved about its benefits. Over the past 10 years, the life coaching industry has exploded, and more and more people are […]

6 Ways an Executive Coach Can Make You More Successful.

Over the past 30 years, executive coaches have gone from rare to common. Most people in corporations assume that being given the chance to work with a coach is a positive thing, and so we seldom find ourselves being asked to explain the benefits of executive coaching. People generally come to us already knowing that […]

Coach or Mentor?

The idea of a career coach sounds good. For a fee, an experienced person will help you develop and enact a professional, goal-oriented plan – like a fitness trainer for business. Depending on what you think, a career coach may not be much more than a mentor you pay to see. In some cases, you […]

Your Questions Around Coaching Answered

What happens during a life coaching session? Life coaching sessions will typically last between 45 minutes and 60 minutes (depending on the life coach you choose). Often after an initial assessment, sessions can be conducted over the phone, face to face, over email, via Skype and occasionally through instant messaging. During the session, your life […]

Most Managers Can’t Coach…

Are you successful at coaching your employees? In our years studying and working with companies on this topic, we’ve observed that when many executives say “yes,” they’re ill-equipped to answer the question. Why? For one thing, managers tend to think they’re coaching when they’re just telling their employees what to do. According to Sir John Whitmore, a leading […]

The Big Difference Between Leadership and Being A Leader

The difference is that leaders embody leadership mindsets and actions. It’s who you are as a person that makes you a leader. Doing leadership actions or holding a leadership position does not make you a leader. Leadership and Being A Leader Look at these examples of leadership versus being a leader and you’ll get the idea. […]

The Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Life Coaching

“Life coaching is a waste of time”, you say? Whilst many people may have this opinion, it is often an uninformed one – life coaching has been proven time and time again to be an effective method of support and guidance, for those who want to succeed and grow. Below are the top 5 most […]

How An Executive Business Coach Can Drive Your Business Forward

What is an executive business coach? An executive business coach works with company managers to help them set targets and realise their potential. As an external influence, they can be a sounding board with no company-based bias. Reasons to hire an executive business coach From personal development to company culture, working with an executive business […]

What Makes A Good Mentee?

A mentee must, of course, be prepared to take feedback. But to get the greatest possible benefit from a business mentoring relationship, there are several other things a mentee must do. Be Punctual and commit The coach or mentor will undoubtedly be a busy person and maximising your time together is important, so try to […]

Are you ready to resume business after Lockdown?

People dread asking for help from colleagues and strangers in the best of times. They worry about looking bad, being rejected, imposing on others juggling family and work responsibilities or taking up valuable resources. Now that we are working through a pandemic, many of these fears feel supersized. But the reality is that many of […]