Recognition for outstanding work in coaching.

Kevin Kerley, founder of Bethebestyoucanbe Ltd, was recently recognized as the Business & Executive Coaching Chairman of the Year in Yorkshire. Bethebestyoucanbe specializes in coaching and mentoring CEOs and business leaders through individualized meetings, senior team retreats, and board strategy sessions to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Kevin has 16 years of experience coaching and mentoring CEOs and business leaders, and is a Master NLP business practitioner. He is constantly working to improve his skillset, self-awareness, and perspectives through personal development and mentorship.

Kevin believes that the success of coaching depends on the chemistry between the coach and coachee, and offers a complimentary one-to-one session to establish the goals of the client and determine if the fit is right. Coaching sessions usually take place monthly for as long as necessary, and can last anywhere from 12 months to 3 years or more. Kevin’s leadership approach involves constant positive reinforcement and encouraging team members to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. He provides motivation, empowerment, and regular reviews of progress and learning to help team members set and achieve goals.

With the universal use of platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Skype, much of Kevin’s coaching has moved online, allowing him to work with clients from around the world. One of the biggest challenges Kevin has faced in running Bethebestyoucanbe was the economic downturn of the 2008 recession. As an entrepreneur, he has experience running businesses ranging in size from £2m to £280m, including PLCs, and has expertise in three-to-five-year strategy, scale-up, team building, exit strategy, succession planning, personal development, and inner work. He has a strong financial background, having gained experience in a variety of business topics and promotions through his corporate career, and has successfully grown a company with over 500 employees.

In addition to his work with Bethebestyoucanbe, Kevin is also exploring opportunities to work with the homeless through a local organization and is planning to host leadership summits twice a year in Spain starting in May 2022. He is passionate about helping businesses thrive and leaders develop, and looks forward to continuing to serve CEOs and business leaders through coaching and non-executive roles.

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