Seeking To Be Better

In business, there is always something new to learn, something else to know and another experience to be gained. No matter how long you have been in business, no matter how high you have risen whilst doing so, finding excellence business coach & Mentor is a journey that never ends.

To keep on doing that consistently and well, you need to develop ways(and habits) of finding knowledge, experience and motivation. You will also identify and begin to use helpers, supporters, advocates. Whatever you call them, they are your resources for learning your trade and progressing within and beyond it. Your ‘trade’ changes over your time in business. To begin with, your knowledge of accounts, systems, and manufacturing processes – whatever your specialty is – will be the most important aspect of your trade.

As time progresses and you climb the ladder to more managerial roles, your trade changes to one of getting the most out of the assets at your disposal. This will include growing the people around you. One of my fundamental principles has always been to embrace as wide a range of experiences and responsibility as possible. If there’s some learning to behad, be the first in the queue.

If you were told never to volunteer, I’m here to advocate that you always volunteer. Whatever you do, do it as well as you can, but doing it, taking action, is always the first step.

Helpers will come in all shapes and sizes, and it is your job to see them and to learn from them. Find Business Coach and role models and observe, and learn from, how they do what they do best. And then adapt that for your style and approach. Modeling others is a powerful strategy for improving your own performance. As soon as you can find yourself someone (or more than one) who will work with you as a mentor, coach, sounding board or adviser.

I’m not going to get hung up on definitions here. Mentors and coaches may operate differently, but they are all part of a continuum called helping. You will need helpers, so begin identifying and working with them, from an early stage. You will need at least one such person at all stages of your business career. They are the people who will see what you don’t and keep you on track as a result.

Though, as you’ll understand from this article, you’ll never actually stop being coached. You never stop learning. It is your choice to ensure that you apply that learning. I strongly suggest that you continue to choose to take action on your learning. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience.

The Academy community provides a great place & Mentor to build your leadership skills and learn more about motivating and developing your people, and how to focus the top team for the good of your company. As the leading providers of experiential learning, the purpose of the Academy is to inspire leaders to achieve their dreams by sharing and learning from real-life experiences.

Seekingtobebetter by Kevin Kerley Executive Coach & Mentor Bethebestyoucanbe

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