Succession Planning


Whether you are 2nd 3rd or 4th generation family owned, a private company, owner managed business or a Plc succession planning is essential to protect and grow the value you have built up in the business. The key members of the senior executive team or even Board can benefit from focused 121 executive coaching to ensure that everyone is working on the same big picture, as well as delivering the organisations purpose, strategy, values and using their strengths to their potential.


Maybe your goal is to sell and exit the business? if it is then the strategy adopted to run a business for sale is very different to that when not looking to sell. Your business needs to be prepared and managed to ensure that the maximum ROI is achieved through the acquisition. Maybe you are looking to acquire and embed two different cultures together in harmony, a very important and difficult task to achieve, one that is mission critical to maintaining the value in the purchase.


Perhaps you are handing over the baton to a deputy through retirement or you are progressing to a chairman role, Identifying an heir apparent for the organisation is essential as is executive coaching of that individual to ensure they fully develop and grow into the leader required.

Which ever of the above scenarios you may find yourself in, I would be happy to help in any way I can.