UK Country Manager Medel UK
Whilst I had experienced coaching on a variety of training courses, having a personal coach was, for me, somewhat a daunting step to take. With a demanding professional life which involved a lot of travel and time away from home, and my personal time extremely squeezed.
I was sceptical that I would be able to commit to coaching sessions and being so overloaded would just not be able to make benefit from the interaction. However, working with Kevin as my coach one of the best things I have ever done, both as a professional and critically as an individual. I am not exaggerating to say that for the first time in decades I have a reasonable work life balance, in large part achieved through the coaching process; have achieved some of the most challenging things to happen to me in my professional life and achieved an enormous personal dream of a major relocation without it adversely impacting on my role, domestic circumstances, or personal life. From the outset Kevin has sought to understand my professional and personal goals, and helped me refine them, develop my actions and find in amongst the overcrowded demands of life, a path which has help me get to grips with achieving improvement in areas I would have struggled without his insight and coaching approach. He’s acted as a sounding board, helped me clarify complexity and held me accountable for what I’ve said I will do. This has been with a supportive, personable and empowering coaching style, the generosity to also share his own experience and life story.
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