Siemens Lightworks Director of Technology and Operations
I started working with Kevin as my coach six years ago, at a point where I was moving into an executive role and was a very different individual than I am now.
During that time Kevin has accompanied me through not only growth in my role and character, but also been invaluable in guiding me through big changes as the company I worked for was acquired and then finding my place within a much larger organisation. There is no doubt that Kevin’s insights and challenger approach has really helped me navigate these challenges towards the best outcome and that while six years may seem a long time to meet up quarterly we were able to work on long and short term strategies and grow together through my journey. I would have continued with coaching even longer had it not been for a change in circumstances that made it difficult. I would strongly recommend Kevin, he is a great listener, puts you at ease, provokes new thinking, is supportive and always seems to have the right question to ask at the right time that will get to the heart of an issue and put you on a new path to success.
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