Kevin’s advice in our 121 coaching sessions has been invaluable, whether we’ve been discussing personal, professional or family matters. He is always smiling, positive, helpful and constructive, but he rarely accepts the easy answer or the apparent truth: far from it.
He has a disarming, friendly nature and during mentoring sessions he is perceptive, insightful and has great experience and advice to bring to bear on many business issues and personal questions. Most of all, Kevin’s NLP and open-questioning encourage the person being mentored to find their own solution to the problem they have experienced. He merely facilitates their journey with surprisingly apt comments and thought-provoking questions along the way. The space and time to think and openly discuss confidential and sensitive matters is essential to modern life, especially for business leaders. Kevin allows us the opportunity to speak honestly about topics which we cannot with most people, and his gentle but firm process always leaves you feeling satisfied that you have a better idea of how to achieve the goals you’re seeking. I always recommend talking about issues, private and professional, and there is no-one better to do that with than Kevin Kerley.
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