CEO, Cathedral Archer project
We all want to be the best we can. It takes a little insight to know what to focus on to improve the way you work and how well you perform.
Kevin’s support for me at the Cathedral Archer Project in 121 coaching has been quite simple and yet so effective. Do I have the drive and passion for the work I do? What are the key areas for me to be concerned about and invest the most energy in? And once I have identified those things, what tasks will I do that leads to the outcome I want? The answers to those questions need to be mine. Essentially that is Kevin’s skill, helping me to think through why, what and how I will go about developing our charity. In to the mix he brings his own experience of starting and running a business and the learning that has changed his own life, learning which has helped him to think about healthy, purposeful workplace cultures that all employees should benefit from. I heartily recommend Kevin’s coaching.
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