Spirituality in the Workplace

Spiritual Quotient is the new mantra for organizations today. Companies like Ford, Nike, Boeing, AT&T, Lotus, and Taco Bell alike, have all begun incorporating spirituality into the workplace. A spiritual revival is sweeping across corporate world as organisations are emphasising on spiritual quotient in addition to intelligence quotient and emotional quotient. But why is it […]

10 ways to increase your efficiency at work

In the workplace, productivity, innovation and efficiency are always key—we all want to build a better mouse trap (and do it before anyone else!). If you’re ready to become a master multi-tasker with laser-like focus, keep scrolling for 10 get-it-done tips that will have you enjoying your corner office in no time. Delegate like a […]

Are you too busy being busy?

We hear it all the time – ‘I spend too much time IN my business, and not enough time ON my business’. So how do you spend quality time on your business, but still make sure your day to day work gets done? Where to start First work out how much of that ‘busy being […]