Executive Business Coaching Moves Online

Meeting face to face to carry out my executive business coaching was a daily occurrence that I never thought about, it just happened.

Since the covid19 pandemic that has all changed, and business coaching online now has become the new normal, with the assistance of Zoom, Microsoft teams, facetime, and many others you can instantly connect with your clients to carry out executive coaching for business.

Whilst I was very resistant to the idea of online business coaching at first, I was surprised at how quickly I got used to the idea of coaching from my home office. I found that the coaching was less time consuming as executives and business coachees get into the conversation quicker and take up less time.

Of course, the lack of travel makes this form of business coaching very efficient, and therefore I have been able to carry out three coaching sessions in a day at ease, which would have been challenging face to face.

The key advantage to executive training online is that you are no longer restricted geographically to where your coaching clients come from. I have business coaching clients from Canada and Holland, this would not have been possible in the old world.

There are also disadvantages, as it’s difficult to read people’s body language online, and difficult to build chemistry through a screen.

When the lockdown ended, I thought business clients would want to go back to face to face, but only a third of the executives I coach have gone for that option, so it would seem that online Executive Coaching and Business Coaching is here to stay.

I am just as happy to coach face to face (in fact I prefer that) but I now offer zoom Executive business coaching, so feel free to ask for either when booking in.


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